“We have had a small number of pupils who have attended Wheels as part of their curriculum within a personalised programme to support a modification in behaviour.

We regularly review our Alternative Curriculum Providers and have found this organisation to be of a high standard in meeting pupil needs.

There are clear expectations with regard to Health & Safety and pupils aware of its importance. We have no reported incidents of poor or inappropriate behaviour.

We are informed daily re attendance and have contact with regard to pupil progress.

In addition to the progress made, pupils also report how much they enjoy their placement and how much they feel they are learning. Pupils appreciate the opportunity they have to attend Black Country Wheels and work well in school to ensure that opportunity is maintained.

One recent example is a young man who had had serious issues in his home life that prevented him engaging in education. Despite many meetings and discussions, he only recently expressed a desire to re-engage with education and attended Black Country Wheels for a ‘taster day’. He has immediately engaged and requested to attend 3 days a week, studying motor mechanics in addition to Mathematics and English functional skills. This is tremendous credit to the organisation as this student previously showed no interest in any educational offer due to the circumstances in his personal life. We are optimistic that this will be the ‘spring board’ to for him to engage in school life once more.”

Assistant Headteacher


“Our short stay school has worked in partnership with Black Country Wheels for many years.  At the short stay school we move our Key Stage 4 students on to Alternative Provision.  The most popoular choice for our students is always Black Country Wheels.

I work alongside Wheels and the students who have left our school to make sure that they are settling in well and that the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

I have a good working relationship with all the staff at Black Country Wheels and am always made to feel welcome whenever I go there.  The students have all settled in well and seem to flourish and mature in the Wheels evironment, as they are treated with respect and are nurtured into lovely young men and women.

From all the providers on offer, this is my favourite place to visit and refer students to as I know that whoever the child, whatever the problem or difficulty they have, they will be given a fair chance and the students can feel that as soon as they walk through the door for their initial meeting”

Key Stage 4, Key Worker


Parents and Carers

“I am writing to say a very big ‘thank you’ for the care and help my son has received while has been attending Black Country Wheels.  In the past few months his hand writing has improved dramatically, we have also noticed an improvement in his self confidence and behaviour, both socially and in his family environment.  It is wonderful how he gets up each morning early to catch a bus to go to Wheels and he actually want to be there.  He no longer needs to see his therapist as he is now happy with my sons progress.  Due to my son’s severe ADHD, he has suffered constant exclusion, negativity and punishment during his school years prior to his joining Wheels and was made to be a very unhappy young boy.  He has given up his Thursday night to be at Black Country Wheels on a voluntary basis with his Dad building cars which is showing committment to Wheels and building a bond with his Dad.  I cannot thank you enough for the patience and skills you have shown in helping my son through a very troublesome period in his life.  It has reduced our stress as a family unit and given us hope that there is a real future for our son in today’s world.”


“My son joined Black Country Wheels after being excluded from his mainstream school.  He struggled in his school due to his behaviour problem – ADHD, which he was diagnosed with since the age of three, and school has always been a challenge for him.  Since he has been at Black Country Wheels he has achieved so much in a short time and his is now a confident person, whereas before he found everything a challenge.  He has achieved all of this because the staff have time for each student, are all treated as individuals and are all taught to a high standard.

When my son left mainstream school he had no qualifications and could barely put pen to paper or read but the staff at Wheels have helped him gain so many achievements.  In June this year the students had an Awards Night, it was an overwhelming night for my son as he had gained so many qualifications and awards.  This in itself was an achievement for my son as he has no concentration at all but the staff at Wheels helped him achieve this.

We are so grateful that he had the opportunity to join Black Country Wheels – it has made him a much more confident person.  Myself as a parent would recommend Black Country Wheels”.


“My son has always been a square peg in a round hole where school is concerned, especially from year 3 when all hands on learning was taken away from him.  So 12 years of being in a place where he felt useless and ridiculed took it’s toll, no-one showing their belief in him which led to him having no belief in himself.

This is where Black Country Wheels came into his life.  Our first meeting with Jan seemed promising and he took on board every guidance that was given – for the first time he was spoken ‘to’ not ‘at’.  Given respect to make choices, and was spoken to like a mature adult.

My son really knuckled down whilst being at Black Country Wheels – the holistic approach given by staff has been much needed.  The phone calls home to say how well he was doing was great feedback to hear, when as a mum, I was so unsure of how things would turn out.  He was told over and over that ‘he can and will do it’ and then taking away his qualifications at the end.

When you know as a mum that your child isn’t naughty or bad for not being able to cope in the education system that is in place because it isn’t the right one for them, is very frustrating.  Trying many ways to get help and advice from professionals as no-one around you understands what it feels like.

We would like to say a massive thank-you to everyone at Black Country Wheels for what they have done for our son … hope for him to believe in himself for the first time”.


“When my son first started at Black Country Wheels, I knew it was going to be a hard challenge for him to settle down and achieve.  He was very disruptive at school and couldn’t sit in a classroom, through a lesson without getting into trouble.  He has achieved so much at Black Country Wheels, he has grown into a lovely young man and he has proved so many people (who thought he wouldn’t get anywhere) wrong.  I’m so proud of him but it is through the hard work of the staff, support and my son’s determination that has got him to where he is.  I would like to say a big thank you to everyone at Wheels for all the patience, hard work, support and faith that they have with all the pupils”.




“When I first started at Wheels I didn’t know anything at all about mechanics or motor bikes.  It has been a steep learning curve.  The other students were a great help as they had already been through it and they knew how difficult it was.  The staff were patient and explained things in a way I could understand and were supportive and caring.  During my time at Wheels I am really pleased to say that I have completed my Functional Skills Level 1 in Maths and English and my IMI Level 1 Diploma in mechanics”

Former Student

“I am glad that I am at Wheels.  I have come on fantastically.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to Wheels before I came, as mechanics wasn’t my sort thing at the time but I really enjoyed it.  I now have my Level 1 Diploma in Motor Vehicle and Function Skills Level 1 in English and Maths.”

Former Student

“When I first moved to the West Midlands last year, I was worried that I was not going to be able to get an education.  After three weeks of not being in education, I came to Wheels.  I really enjoyed it and I have met some nice people.  I have now got my Level 1 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Level 1 Functional Skills in English and Maths .. this is all because of Wheels!.”

Former Student