School Facilities

In addition to our vocational and educational facilities we also offer facilities to assist students in other areas important to their educational and behavioural needs.  We know that by creating an environment that young people can engage with and enjoy, their confidence and motivation can be greatly improved which often leads to better outcomes in their studies and personal development.

Gym and Fitness Suite
Black Country Wheels School Gym and Fitness Suite is the latest  improvement of our provision for students and was opened for student use in May 2015 following a successful grant application from Sport England.

Our fully fitted fitness suite is equipped with the latest professional gym equipment including

  • Full selection of free weights
  • Multi-functional resistance and weight training equipment
  • Elliptical trainers
  • Exercise bikes
  • Running machines
  • Weight benches
  • Stability and flexibility training areas

A qualified fitness instructor runs timetabled sessions for students to ensure that all aspects of personal safety are followed and all students benefit from a guided personal programme designed to meet their individual levels of fitness. Increasing levels of endurance and “personal best” targets are carefully discussed with the instructor to help keep a safe and rewarding level of personal fitness. This is all delivered along with education on healthy living, nutrition, motivational techniques and goal setting and achieving as complimentary education.

This type of facility really benefits our students and can help in other areas of their education and personal development as it is a great outlet for excess energies which could prove disruptive in the wrong environment.