Motor Vehicle Workshop 2

Workshop 2 not only offers a light spacious environment but also has the benefit of segregated areas allowing different mechanical subjects to be taught at the same time but keeping the projects separately. It also has attached a teaching classroom to allow a theory lesson and practical teach to be carried out in the same environment.

The workshop offers the following:

  • 377m2of space
  • 2 x vehicle access doors
  • 1 x 3 tonne 4 post Ramp
  • 4 x work benches
  • Tolley jack and axle stands
  • 3 x segregated areas
  • Wall sockets including 3 phase power
  • Tyre changing machine
  • Wheel balancing machine
  • Adjoining classroom which includes a teaching desk with a pc connected to an overhead projector and white board. The classroom has further power points, network points and includes enough desks/tables for 10 students. School laptops can be connected to the school network for students to use in the classroom.

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