Art and Design

This course allows students to experience a range of art, design and media.  The  programme encourages students to explore and enhance artistic and media skills, techniques, and knowledge giving students the opportunity to develop a portfolio of art, media and design work. This is achieved through set projects exploring a number of different topics.

Students will learn how to work safely within the art workshop and gain the technical skills to be able to operate appropriate machinery safely. The Art and Design Course contains nine additional modules:

  • Explore 2 Dimensions
  • Discovering 3D
  • Discovering drawing
  • A project in 2 or 3D
  • Explore painting
  • Explore printmaking
  • Explore mixed media
  • Explore 3D crafts
  • A personal design

All units are assessed through practical assignments.

Remembrance Sunday Project 

During our Art and Design lessons students have created poppies from clay.  The work was part of Module 2 – Discovering 3D, and was created to support and link with other curriculum subjects and to celebrate Remembrance Sunday.

Students first had to gather various images of poppies from the internet so that they had a good visual understanding of the structure of a poppy flower and were then shown techniques of using air dry clay such as scoring, molding and using clay tools.

Our students then created their version of a poppy made from air dried clay and the following week students painted their poppies using acrylic paint of appropriate colour and varnished them.

Exploring Drawing

In Art and Design, part of the Exploring Drawing module, students have been studying body parts and used various equipment to draw the images.

The students have selected a number of images from the internet, of internal and external body parts.  They have recreated the images using charcoal and pencil, using different techniques that they have learnt such as shading, blending and cross-hatching.