Construction Department

Construction students will pursue BTEC Level 1 in Construction Award or Certificate qualifications which are designed to enhance learners’ work and life skills in a range of vocational contexts.  Students will firstly learn about health and safety including safe handling methods, basic use of tools in carpentry and Working Towards Goals, before going on to learn a variety of skills to enhance their work and life skills.

BTEC Level 1 in Construction Award

Students will cover the following units as part of their studies:

Health and Safety and Welfare in Construction
Working Towards Goals
Construction Painting Skills
Construction Carpentry Skills

BTEC Level 1 in Construction Certificate

Students will cover the following units as part of their studies:

Health and Safety and Welfare in Construction
Working Towards Goals
Developing Construction Painting Skills
Developing Construction Carpentry Skills
Developing Construction Decorating Skills
Producing a Timber Product

Students accessing the Construction Department will need overalls and safety boots to equip them for workshop practical sessions. Students are not permitted into the workshop without personal protective equipment and it is their responsibility to look after and care for these. Parents may source protective equipment however this must be fit for purpose (staff at Black Country Wheels School will be more than happy to advise). Alternatively these can be purchased from the School at a cost of £25 for both overalls and standard safety boots.

Students carry out work individually and as a team during their time at BCW School.

The Bird Box, Bird Table, Insect House and Hedgehog House Projects that were made by hand, were carried out by students during their time in school studying their B-tec in Construction skills.  The students carried out carpentry practice to make a variety of nature houses as part of their qualification.  The students were encouraged to work independently but to assist each other where possible, to promote confidence, teamwork and independent working skills.  The work involved in the project was researched and produced by the young people and it encouraged them to work outside of their comfort zone.

Students also enjoyed working on the mold project.  The molds are cast sand and cement which the students mixed by hand, and poured into latex and fiberglass molds and then attached to a vibrating plate to remove any air bubbles. Students had to prepare the molds by cleaning and searing the fiberglass with nuts and bolts.  Students then mixed the sand and cement to the correct ratio and consistency.  Once dry, students then removed the fiberglass and used washing up liquid to soften the latex in order to release them so that they may dry out further for a day or two.  Once dry, students dipped, painted or PVA sealed their molds, according to their own preference and design.