Beliefs and Values

The Beliefs and Values Short Course aims to enable students to develop and demonstrate a range of skills through Beliefs and Values activities and studies.  Beliefs and Values lessons make a major contribution to the whole school promotion of British Values and the Spiritual, Moral, Cultural, and Social development of students.  Students learn about the major world religions, worldviews and issues, enabling them to develop a sense of their own beliefs and values; their own spirituality and place in the world. The subject also contributes to promoting a society in which people understand and respect others beliefs and values.

The Beliefs and Values Short Course contains six modules:

  • Values, beliefs and decision-making
  • Environment
  • Crime and punishment
  • Peace and conflict
  • Creed
  • Inspiration

This course recognises and rewards students personal achievements and allows them to manage their own learning.  This encourages students to develop their own independence, personal effectiveness and their employability skills.