Black Country Wheels School aims to offer bespoke learning experiences for each student in its care, promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural values across its curriculum that is to become more diverse and practically applicable in “Life based”, situations.
Black Country Wheels School will develop skills for learning, employment and life through a flexible, activity based curriculum that enhances the young person’s self esteem, inspires them to achieve and rewards their efforts with meaningful awards and accreditation routes.
Individual starting points, empirically measured, based upon previous data as well as Black Country Wheels School Base Line Assessments will enable the school to measure progress at specific points along the learning journey. Assessment for Learning and Assessing Pupil Progress guidelines will help ensure that all students benefit from every activity undertaken.

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Black Country Wheels School will deliver a highly inclusive curriculum that responds to the personalised needs of the students and is seen as relevant and of the greatest possible benefit to their post-16 plan and to enable them to engage in lifelong learning.
ASDAN Accreditation Routes bolster traditional learning awards, giving students the opportunity to benefit from active learning, related to real life situations and rewards their efforts with recognised certifications of achievement.
Short Courses undertaken may lead onto Level 1, 2 or 3 qualifications being studied.